Don't arrive at work to this! Keep your parking lots clear and ice free.

Black and White has over 10 years snow clearing and de-icing experience.  

We take on the stress of monitoring the weather conditions to ensure that your parking lot is ready for business when you arrive at work.

24 - 7 Service

If the snow doesn't start until you have been asleep for hours, don't worry, we have our team ready and able to deal with old man winter and we are monitoring the situation 24-7.

Help is on the way!


Service Levels


Contract :  To ensure the best coverage, we have service contracts.  With a service contract in place, we attend in icy conditions to salt your roadways and/or sidewalks.  We will attend to clear your parking lot if there is 2" of snowfall.  No Call Needed.

Specific Condition Contract:  We can modify the service contract to meet your specific needs.  Is your business and parking lot closed on weekends?  We can modify the service contract to run Sunday night to Friday night.

On Call:  We will attend as soon as possible to on call requests.

Whatever your needs; we will work with you to ensure that you receive the service you require.

Contact Us

Have a question?  Drop us a line, we will be happy to provide you with information regarding our services.

Want a quote?  Contact us to set up an appointment for a free onsite visit  so we can ascertain your needs and gather the information needed to provide you with options and an itemized quote.

Black & White Line Painting

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Request Snow Clearing Information

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